8th Generation Winery

Summerland, 2016

8th Generation Vineyards take their inspiration from 8 generations of winemakers in the Schales family. In keeping with this tradition, their new tasting room is a repurposing of a 1940’s farmhouse in Trout Creek, BC. To make the previous generations of construction visible, the wooden structure of the building has been fully exposed, with new insulation, siding and windows place on the outside of the original plank sheathing. A raw steel prosthetic frame provides support to the vaulted ceiling. In contrast, a sleek glass and steel tasting bar floats above the original hardwood floors. The original brick fireplace has been sandblasted and retained for warmth. Through this combination, a fresh and vibrant space has been created, without losing sight of past generations.

2017 Thompson Okanagan Commercial Building Award