Mogensen Langlois House

Penticton, 2016

The project was conceived as a series of boxes placed on a hill, starting with the most public spaces at the bottom, and progressing to the most private spaces at the top. A cascading stair allows for movement between the boxes.  This central spine tethers the programmatic elements of the house together, but also creates a sense of separation and privacy between them.

Outdoor courtyards populated with native plant species alternate with the built forms, providing nature, sunlight, and fresh air to the experience of habitation. Each outdoor space is a unique microclimate, allowing for internal activities to spill outdoors in response to daily and seasonal changes.

By working with the sloping site, the Mogensen Langlois House proposes a sustainable and gracious approach to dwelling on the hillsides of the Okanagan Valley.

design by Allen + Maurer Architects / construction by Landform Design Build