Chris Allen

Architect AIBC, LEED® AP

I was raised in a small logging community on Adams lake, and one of my first experiences with construction was putting a new roof on our local church. In the morning I set off with my uncles to cut shake blocks, and by nightfall the roof was complete. This sense of connection between building and the land continues to inspire me. Studying architecture in Nova Scotia, I experienced the rich sense of place that can can be developed by a local building culture. Traveling in Northern Europe, I saw some of the greatest buildings of the 20th century in towns of a few hundred people. In my work, I strive to develop a sustainable relationship between culture, landscape, and building in the BC Interior, and design structures which dignify the lives people lead in this place.


Sean Kimberley

Architectural Technician AIBC, LEED® AP

Born and raised in Penticton, I grew up surrounded by construction, with a carpenter/closet artist as a father and an old orchard house that needed constant attention. Even as a youngster I was helping my dad with renovations, and marveling at his pencil sketched renderings. Then grabbing the tools and pretending to work while he pretty much did everything! The challenges of thinking inside and outside the box steered me to a career in design and construction. After completing the Building Technology program at BCIT in 1992, I worked at engineering and architectural firms while taking chunks of time off to travel with the hopes of discovering a new, cultural significant and more beautiful place to settle. However impressed I was with the places I’d seen, my connection to the Okanagan grew deeper with each return. I continue to enjoy contributing to the burgeoning culture of the Okanagan, and its built environment.


Warren Sanders

Warren Sanders, Intern Architect AIBC

British Columbia’s Interior has been and always will be home for me. In the seat of an excavator at a young age I learned the possibility of shaping the physical world around me and how that work and development had long lasting effects on communities. It is this sense of having the ability to shape the world that has driven my architectural career. I received a master’s of architecture from Dalhousie University on the other side of the country. It has helped to study in various locations such as Halifax and Portugal to gain a better understanding of what it means to design with a sensitivity to culture and place. Furthermore, interpreting and translating other cultures approach to architecture to our local communities reveals a great deal about how things are done here and the amazing region we inhabit.